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18 January 2010 @ 03:48 pm

Some news about Boom. I do not understand Korean and I can less read it, but according to a translator, Boom is going to be host the army radio show?

작년 입대한 방송인 '붐'(본명 이민호) 이병이 국군방송 간판 프로그램인 '위문열차'의 MC를 맡는다고 국방홍보원이 18일 밝혔다.

작년 10월 입대한 이 이병은 19일 공군사관학교에서 열리는 올해 위문열차 첫 번째 공연에서 MC를 시작으로 본격적인 활동에 들어간다.

그는 지난 2006년 싱글 앨범 'Boom'으로 데뷔해 영화, TV, 라디오 등 다양한 분야에서 고른 활동을 펼쳤던 멀티 엔터테이너로 꼽힌다.

이 이병은 "서경석, 이훈, 윤계상 등 최고의 선배 MC들이 거쳐 간 위문열차의 MC로 선발되어 기쁘다"며 "전후방 각지에서 국방의 의무를 다하는 장병들의 사기진작에 조금이나마 도움이 됐으면 좋겠다"고 말했다


Hope someone will translate that piece of news.

If its the case yay! \o/ I hope some fans will record it like Gong Yoo fans did^^ ( maybe I'm hoping for to much xD ) anyway I know he will have fun doing it =)

There has been heated debate over the rumour that After School ex-member Yoo SoYoung is the girlfriend of broadcast personality Boom who is currently serving his military service.

Boom made a surprise appearance on SBS Entertainment Awards on 30th December where he was awarded the newcomer award for the variety category. He said during the award ceremony after HyunYeong asked him to send his regards to her, “Our So-Bba-Bba”.

And netizens had inferred from Boom’s nickname for his girlfriend that she is After School ex-member SoYoung. Already previously, there was already much interests for Boom’s girlfriend when he revealed that he does have a girlfriend on SBS Strong Heart, even though he did not reveal who she is.

Netizens also took hints when Boom revealed SoYoung as his ideal type on ‘Ideal type Worldcup’ program show.

Before he report for his military duties, Boom said, “I went down on my knees to ask my girlfriend to wait for me.” And after he entered the army, he also said, “I’ve received 17 letters from my girlfriends at camp.”

Boom’s management clarified, “We also know through broadcast show that Boom has a girlfriend. We don’t know his personal issues well.”

S: StarNews
Source: KBites

This is cute. I remember reading about him going down on his knees and asking her to wait xD Hope she'll do it after 2 years. Those netizens are being so nosy though.

Boom pays a visit, Lee Teuk and EunHyuk win variety newcomer awards on SBS Entertainment Awards


Currently serving his military duties, Boom gives a surprise visit during 2009 SBS Entertainment Awards on 30th December.

He had made a surprise appearance during the awarding of newcomer awards on SBS Entertainment Awards.

The newcomer awards for variety category have gone to Boom, Super Junior Lee Teuk and Eun Hyuk for their appearance on ‘Strong Heart’.

Source: Kbites

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☆ Congratulations! ☆
Now I wish someone could translate this to understand what he said =P